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Hey Dude has gained widespread popularity for its line of comfortable shoes that seamlessly blend stylish design, affordability, and durability. Although the brand was initially established in Italy back in 2008, the production of its shoes has transitioned to China and Indonesia.

Reasons for Manufacturing in China and Indonesia

There are a few reasons why Hey Dude shoes are made in China and Indonesia


In the beginning, their production was centered in China, leveraging the availability of highly skilled and cost-effective labor


Subsequently, as Indonesia’s infrastructure developed, Hey Dude seized the opportunity to diversify its production. This led to the brand expanding its manufacturing operations to Indonesia alongside China

Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Wool

Wendy Sox

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Wool


  • Origin: Made in Indonesia (Imported)
  • Sole: Features a rubber sole for traction.
  • Freedom of Movement: Rounded toe design and Flex & Fold technology for unrestricted foot movement.
  • Instant Favorite: Hey Dude Wendy is an instant favorite for your modern-casual collection.
  • Lightweight: Elastic laces and under 5 ounces weight for superb comfort.
  • Comfort & Style: Comfortable, durable, and high-quality materials are perfect for an ever-changing journey.
  • Travel-Friendly: Ideal for travel, removable memory foam cushioned insole, and machine washable.
  • Warranty: Shop with confidence – Hey Dude offers a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty for quality and authenticity. Terms apply.

Dominance in the Footwear industry

The decision to produce Hey Dude shoes in China and Indonesia is underpinned by a combination of strategic factors. Firstly, these countries possess a vast pool of skilled labor capable of crafting shoes with remarkable cost efficiency. Secondly, China and Indonesia boast well-established infrastructure that facilitates large-scale manufacturing endeavors. Thirdly, both nations have demonstrated their prowess in the global footwear export industry.

Beyond these considerations, Hey Dude upholds a commitment to robust manufacturing and supply chain practices. Collaborating exclusively with factories endorsed by the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Hey Dude ensures that ethical and sustainable principles guide its production processes across the globe.

When did hey dudes become popular in the US

In 2010, Hey Dude made its debut in the United States, swiftly capturing the admiration of American consumers. Presently, Hey Dude boasts a distribution network spanning more than 50 countries across the globe

1. Entry into the US

Hey Dude ventured into the United States market in 2010, marking a significant milestone in its expansion journey.

2. Distinctive Appeal

The brand’s unique blend of comfort, style, and affordability struck a chord with American consumers, setting it apart in the footwear landscape.

3. Fashion and Functionality

Hey Dude addressed the growing demand for shoes that combine fashion with functionality, catering to various activities and occasions.

4. Wide Consumer Base

The brand’s appeal resonated with diverse consumer groups, including urban individuals seeking trendy city footwear and outdoor enthusiasts in search of comfortable companions for their adventures.

5. Positive Consumer Response

The positive feedback from consumers translated into notable growth for Hey Dude within the US market.

6. Expanded Presence

The brand’s popularity led to its presence becoming widespread across different regions, making its shoes a common sight in various settings.

7. Lifestyle Alignment

Hey Dude’s commitment to delivering footwear that aligns with the modern American lifestyle contributed to its rise in popularity.

8. Enduring Legacy

Over time, Hey Dude has established itself as a recognized name in the American footwear scene, earning a loyal customer base appreciative of its quality, design, and comfort.

Additional details: where Hey Dude shoes are made

Below are the quick Additional Details about where Hey Dude shoes are made:

Additional Details

  • The shoes are made in factories that are certified by the Fair Labor Association (FLA).
  • The factories have been audited by Hey Dude and the FLA to ensure that they meet high standards of labor practices.
  • The shoes are made with high-quality materials, including canvas, suede, and leather.
  • The shoes are manufactured in a sustainable manner, with a focus on reducing waste and using environmentally friendly practices.

Are hey dudes still popular 2023?

Absolutely, Hey Dudes remain incredibly popular in 2023. The brand has experienced a remarkable upswing in its appeal in recent times, largely attributed to its exceptional blend of comfort and style. The shoes have garnered an enthusiastic following among not only celebrities and influencers but also a substantial base of young adults and millennials.

The year 2022 witnessed Hey Dude surpassing initial projections, achieving a remarkable full-year revenue of $986.2 million. In light of this momentum, Andrew Rees, CEO of Crocs, has expressed unwavering confidence that Hey Dude is poised to cross the significant milestone of $1 billion in sales during 2023. This resounding success underscores the brand’s enduring impact and resonance in the world of footwear.

Manufacturing Process of Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude employs a diverse range of materials, including canvas, suede, and leather, to create its distinctive shoes. The shoes undergo a meticulous process of cutting, sewing, and hand assembly, followed by a rigorous inspection before packaging and shipping.

Hey Dude’s meticulous approach to manufacturing extends to the utilization of premium materials and skilled craftsmanship, thus ensuring that their shoes not only epitomize comfort and style but also exhibit exceptional durability.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical manufacturing is a cornerstone of Hey Dude’s philosophy. The brand’s association with FLA-certified factories is a testament to its commitment to fair labor practices. Hey Dude further safeguards ethical standards by regularly conducting comprehensive quality checks within its factories. This commitment extends beyond mere compliance, with an in-house team of engineers dedicated to continuous improvements in both shoe design and construction.

As a result of these conscientious efforts, Hey Dude asserts its confidence in the ethical integrity of its shoes. The brand remains steadfast in its mission to deliver not only comfortable, stylish, and affordable footwear but also products that embody ethical responsibility.

FAQ: Where Are Hey Dude Shoes Made

Is Hey Dude an American company?

No, Hey Dude is not an American company. It was founded in Italy in 2008 and is known for its comfortable and stylish shoes. While it originated in Italy, its shoes are currently manufactured in China and Indonesia.

Who owns Hey Dude?

Hey Dude is owned by Crocs. Crocs acquired Hey Dude in December 2021 for $2.5 billion. Hey Dude was founded in Italy in 2008 by Alessandro Rosano and Dario Spagnolo. The brand quickly gained popularity for its comfortable and stylish shoes. Hey Dude now has a distribution network that spans over 50 countries

Do Hey Dude shoes smell?

Without proper care, Hey Dude shoes can develop an odor. Going sockless or having sweaty feet while wearing them can lead to this issue. The accumulation of sweat in the shoes provides a conducive environment for bacteria growth, resulting in unpleasant smells.

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